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Traveling? The One Item You Must Bring With You

Packing Tips, Travel Planning By December 29, 2015 7 Comments

My family and I once spent a month in Italy and survived with only one suitcase. Our youngest was two years old at the time so rather than pushing around a piece of luggage, I knew my hands would instead be pushing around a stroller. Our oldest was six and not quite ready to trust with his own bag – so to keep things easiest, each of us had a carry-on of some kind (backpacks for the three of them, a tote for myself) and everything else was in one shared suitcase.


Save Money For Family Travel Without (Significantly) Changing Your Lifestyle

Travel Planning, Saving for Travel By November 7, 2015 Tags: travel, travel planning, family, family travel No Comments

Our first big international trip as a family was in 2010, and it was immediately following that amazing experience that my husband and I vowed to make family travel a priority. Our goal is to take a big trip overseas every 2-3 years and so far we have been able to achieve that goal. Let me show you how!


Slow Travel: The Who, What and Why

Travel Planning By November 4, 2015 Tags: travel, family travel, slow travel No Comments

Slow travelers will tell you that travel is about the journey and not the destination. Sure, you can take a ten-city tour in the span of 12 days, but I’m fairly confident you will return home exhausted and likely feeling frazzled. I am here to suggest that you slow things down. As in way down.

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How to Rent an Apartment While Traveling – Part 1

Travel Planning, Vacation Rentals By October 29, 2015 No Comments

While planning our first trip to Europe with our then two and six year olds, a friend strongly suggested that we rent an apartment rather than go the hotel route. I cannot begin to describe the nervousness, the trepidation, the downright fear I felt at the idea of trying to find an apartment.

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