Welcome to Don’t Forget Your Passport. Here you will find everything you need to know about traveling. This includes tips on how to stay organised when planning your holiday, how to pack your suitcase so that a) you can fit everything in it and b) you can get everything out easily at the other end. You will also find information that will help you to plan your holiday including holiday insurance guides, travel destination guides and travel equipment reviews – just like the Calpak luggage review that I recently published.

The site will be updated regularly by me and at the moment I am doing it in my spare time – so don’t expect thousands of posts to be put up every month, however I am very passionate about everything travel related so I will put as much effort and enthusiasm into this site as I can muster.

I also go on (quite a few) holidays each year so I am going to try and blog about my experiences on holiday as well – I hope to document every country that I visit, where I stay, where I eat and generally what I think of each location to which I travel.

I will always have comments open on my post and I will encourage my readers to comment and get involved wherever possible – if you don’t agree with something I have written then by all means let me know – feedback is super important and just to know someone is reading my blog (even if they don’t agree with what I am writing about) will be really motivating for me.

Back soon, take care and thanks for visiting my website.